What it’s like working as a PL/SQL dev at Koios

Koios, Croatian banking software solution specialist company is looking for PL/SQL developer reinforcements. Since every job application starts with calls to people who work there or might know someone who works there, we tried to save you some time. We spoke to Kristina, a PL/SQL developer who has been working there for 9 months.

Do you remember your first working day?
Of course. Another colleague and I started on the same day. We were greeted by Boris, who introduced us to internal processes, the computers were already set up for us and everything was ready to go. While I was finding my bearings, Boris made me some coffee and brought it to my desk. I felt welcome, and after 9 months I can confirm that my colleagues are cordial and ready to help at all times.

What exactly is your job as a PL/SQL developer?
There is a common misconception that PL/SQL developers only write code. There’s a lot of business data model and data structures research, ad hoc analysis. PL/SQL is not just writing queries plus IF conditions (as people developing in other languages like to think, shame on them).
I work in a team that supports the bank’s strategic risks department, handling the riskiest clients (defaults).

What do you like about your job, what is not so nice?
I love researching data and devising processes. Unreasonable and hesitant clients who continuously change their requests without considering the effects of those changes are my pet peeve. Luckily, not a lot of these situations arise, but sometimes I have to concentrate on adapting and having the patience to do their bidding.

Any funny stories to share?
Once my colleagues at the bank explained to me that the death of a client does not necessarily mean that the client is no longer active, which made me burst out in laughter.

Anything to add for future colleagues?
At Koios you can always find someone to talk to – whether it’s a coding problem, sharing of knowledge, or general chit chat. To me, this means a lot, along with all other employee benefits.

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